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We recognize there are ongoing abortion debates, new state bills and changes to laws. It can be hard to keep up, so we want to equip you with the knowledge and resources as you have conversations in your families, churches and businesses about Life.

State Abortion Laws

In 2022, we celebrated the overturn of Roe vs. Wade. Since then, abortion laws have been determined by each individual state. Click here for more information on Iowa's state law and the surrounding states.

Supreme Court Decision on the Abortion Pill with FDA

Starting in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, the FDA expanded access to the abortion pill enabling women to place an order online and receive it through mail to take the medication at home. A lawsuit was brought against the FDA stating this practice was not safe for women as they were not under a doctor's supervision. Yet June 2024, SCOTUS made the decision that the case had no "standing." Read more about the case and decision here.

Iowa's Heartbeat Bill

The Heartbeat Bill was originally passed July 2023, but immediately had a temporary injunction put on it. As of July 2024, the injunction is lifted and the bill will effective on July 19, 2024. The bill bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, usually around six weeks. Read more here.

Chemical Abortion Explained

Click here to watch a short video from the Charlotte Lozier Institute explaining the abortion pill - how its administered and possible side effects.

More resources about life

Talking to Your Kids

We believe it is great to begin conversations with your kids about the value of life at a young age, but equally important to discuss abortion at the appropriate time with your children as well. Here is a resource for younger children, as well as guide for talking with teenagers.

Making Life Disciples

This program offers training for church leaders and others to come alongside women facing pregnancy decisions or recovering from past abortions. Learn more about how we can partner together!

Fetal Development

To fully grasp the meaning of life, it is helpful to fully understand how a baby develops from the very beginning stages. Here is a helpful video that is appropriate for all ages.

Navigating Other Conversations

We recognize that having conversations about life can be difficult, especially in today's society with the current political atmosphere. Here is a great resource from Scott Klusendorf about defending a pro-life stance that we hope can be helpful to you in navigating some of those conversations.

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